Bars and Slices, Kiwi Classic

Cappuccino Fudge Cake Squares

 Prep Time : 20 Minutes | Cook Time : 0 Minutes | Total Time : 1 Hour | Difficulty : Easy I’ve had a few requests for classic fudge cake, but I couldn’t resist adding a delicious twist. This one came about simply because I had been craving chocolate and coffee together for a week and it seemed like the…

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Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies

 Prep Time : 30 Minutes | Cook Time : 10 Minutes | Total Time : 1 hour | Difficulty : Easy So we’ve been back at work for a couple of weeks now and I think we’ve earned a treat. A fudgy chocolatey melt-in-your mouth treat. Because reasons. I think we should just get down to it – you need…

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Quick Breads, Scones

Blue Cheese + Walnut Scones

 Prep Time : 20 Minutes | Cook Time : 15 Minutes | Total Time : 45 Minutes | Difficulty : Moderate Scones have always been one of my baking Achilles heels – for some reason I just couldn’t make a great scone. I kept coming back to it and learning more about technique and trying again until I had mastered…

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Bars and Slices

Tropical Muesli Squares

 Prep Time : 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 30 Minutes | Total Time : 1 hour | Difficulty : Easy Happy New Year to you all! I hope everyone is looking forward to new challenges and exciting opportunities in the coming year. Sadly we also face the less than exciting prospect of going back to work. When you’re used…

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