Nitty Gritty Stuff

Because we should always bake the way we are comfortable, sometimes we need to make conversions to recipes.  I have tried to include both weights and cup measures in all my recipes where possible but it is always good to have a reference guide.

My preference is to use metric weight and liquid measures wherever possible, I believe it results in greater consistency of results and avoids any confusion over the amount. Because here in NZ and in Europe scales are much more common cup measures refer to US measurements. Whenever i say ‘cup’ in a recipe this is what I mean.  A quick conversion back to metric if you don’t have a scale is ones US cup plus one tablespoon equals one metric cup.

But you should just go and buy a scale. Do it.


1 Teaspoon5 ml1/6 fluid ounce
1 Tablespoon15 ml1/2 fluid ounce
1 standard cup225 ml7.6 fluid ounces
1 US cup236 ml8 fluid ounces
1 metric cup250 ml8.5 fluid ounces


1 ounce28.5 grams
100 grams3.6 ounces
1 pound454 grams
1 kilogram2.2 pounds


1 fluid ounce30 mls
100 mls3.4 fluid ounces
1 pint473 mls
1 quart946 mls
1 litre33.8 fluid ounces