The WB Life: Starting the Month of Love and Football


Hello my lovelies! Happy SuperBowl day! I managed to do myself some mischief this week which severely restricted my baking activities. I’m mending fast and getting back into it. I’ve been planning and prepping our SuperBowl food situation. Since the Monday-isation of Waitangi Day it’s much easier for Kiwis to enjoy the spectacle. I redecorated the tree for February. As you can see it’s pretty kitsch. Like it should be.

Usually my kitchen injury of choice is burning myself. In a multitude of small ways. Accidentally touching the oven rack. Spilling hot sugar on myself. Fumbling with oven mitts and cookie trays. I got creative this week and expanded my repertoire to knife injuries. I won’t go into detail. I did go into a bit of shock on Monday afternoon when it happened. My Head of Tasting was amazing. I spent the afternoon propped up and rugged up on the couch. When I reviewed the injury I felt like a drama queen. It was shitty at the time, ok? Anyway after week my finger is healing really well. I’ve had to wear adorable little finger-condoms on it to keep the dressing clean.

You guys. The SUPERBOWL. As I mentioned in a previous post we love to watch the SuperBowl and some of the playoffs but not really any of the regular season. Just the pointy end yo’. It’s a great sporting event to make into a fun day. The game goes for HOURS because there are ads all the time. The ads are half the fun. And I love an excuse to make special food. We will be feasting on four types of hotdog. That’s not a typo. I will make one of each and we will share. Taco-dog, Pizza-dog, Triple Cheese-dog and Kebab-dog. I made brioche hotdog buns yesterday. They’re a bit rough and ready. Hard to do without the full use of both hands. Sometimes you gotta power through. Sesame seeds will cover a multitude of sins. There will also be chips and dips. Cheesy snacks. Beers. Brown Butter Bourbon Double Chocolate Chip Cookies. I feel full capitalisation was appropriate. ‘Merica.


With all my finger drama this week my February tree has been a bit of a last minute rush. It went straight out of my mind while I was focussing on getting the basics done. But we got there. I returned to my new favourite decorating technique. Cookies. Heart shaped cookies studded with heart sprinkles. Then I may have kinda thrown every white and red thing I could find on it. It’s not my best effort. I’ve still got 10 months to make good. I promise to do better.


It’s been a bit of a mad week and I’m glad to have a relaxed day today hanging out and eating and watching sports. I’m hoping my finger will be back to normal ASAP so I can get back to lifting weights and generally functioning like a normal person. Washing your hair with one hand is a pain. Be careful in the kitchen my lovelies!

Look after each other.


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