The WB Life: Fighting Instinct


Hello my lovelies! Last week started and ended well with some difficult moments in between. We came out of the gate strong with a day relaxing with the SuperBowl and an army of hotdogs. We finished on a high with new hair, an exciting line up of coffee dates and a bunch of sunny days. There was definite downhill movement during the week though. I am shy and tend to retreat from the challenging and unknown. I think the medical term is wuss. Overcoming that instinct is what turned my week around.

So there was man-drama and some football on Monday. But mostly there were hotdogs. My Head of Tasting’s fave was the kebab dog. Hummus, roasted eggplant, feta, pine nuts and sumac.


It was pretty damn good. It probably is my favourite too. Followed closely by the triple cheese.


One is classy. One is pretending to be classy but is really just a lot of cheese. Pizza dog and taco dog also featured.



We made some prop bets with ourselves. We lost most of them. Make an effort and colour your hair for the SuperBowl Gaga! We also made some teeny real bets on the game. We did pretty well. Patriots to win, successful 2 point conversion, defensive teams touchdown, total points over 58. It’s a shame Brady didn’t sneak in for the first touchdown or we’d be going out for a free dinner. It was a great game. Fourth quarter comeback. Largest in history.

Last week my mood had been slipping for a bit. There are a number of lurking worries that get to me once start to get a bit down. Everyone piles on for the ride. In addition to working through these there are two other things that go hand in hand. I struggle with self confidence and putting both myself and my work out there, especially when I feel it’s not 100%. It feeds my procrastination and also leads me to retreat from interpersonal challenges. This, combined with my finger-drama meant that I hadn’t seen anyone except my snugbug for about two weeks. Going into shops doesn’t count as a meaningful interaction. Not good. While sometimes having people around at a job can seem annoying, it also provides valuable interaction with other humans. While I knew this in the back of my mind, and intended to make the effort to spend regular time with friends and meet new people it’s amazing how days and weeks slip by. I made myself reach out to a few people I had been meaning to meet and asked for coffees. As soon as I’d done it I felt better. Next week I’m having coffee with Clayton from Baron Hasselhoffs and Joe from Six Barrel Soda. I’m catching up with the lovely Nic from Good Bitches Baking to talk about how to make a book. I’m getting a mini-facial and a massage with my best gal Jenn. It’s going to be a good week.

Speaking of Bitches, I also signed up to bake for the GBB charity. I meant to ever since the baking challenge last year but just never did. It will be great to be actively doing something nice for others since the rest of my days are so self-focussed at the moment.

I also started wearing make up every day again. It seems trivial but it is part of a daily “going to work” routine that helps set me up for the day. It’s really easy working from home to have the lines blur. While it can lead to work bleeding into your personal time, it can also make it easier to drift. And looking good does make you feel better. To be honest 90% of it is putting proper eyebrows on… Speaking of looking good and feeling better. You guys. I may be an Applejack on the inside… Rainbow Dash all the way on the outside yo’


The fabulous Christa at GF Hair has been cutting my hair for a while and she did this amazing colour for me. It’s like there’s some personality somewhere inside if only I’d let it out…

It’s Valentines Day this coming week. If you’re into it, then enjoy it in sweet thoughtful ways. Don’t forget to do something nice for yourself too. Look after each other.


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