LIFE: Bittersweet

Hello my lovelies! It’s been a bittersweet week. I’m settling back into working with lots of ideas bubbling around. I’m making proper plans for the year ahead. I’m slowly regaining my fitness and trialling a standing desk. And sadly we lost my Nannie to pneumonia. A sweet and generous lady who will be missed dearly.

After a good break at Christmas and spending time with fun interesting people my mind is full of great ideas and I’m itching to get into everything at once. I have a forest of post-its on my dining room wall that all need attention. So much good stuff coming your way. Lots of bread and preserves and interesting flavours. We have baguettes and jam this week. Start as you mean to go on.

I’m making good progress on my planning for the year. The food post-its aren’t alone. There are clusters of ideas for collaborations, ways to make money, areas to work in, possible priorities for the year, the best ways to use my support crew and aspects to defining my identity. No pressure. It’s feeling full of possibilities but much less overwhelming. A bit of order always helps. Between us our household is single-handedly supporting the post-it industry.

If you’ve been reading along you’ll remember that I spent two weeks laid low by a virus in late November and then promptly fell over and twisted my knee as soon as I was feeling better. It meant I spent three solid weeks unable to do really any exercise at all. And then Christmas season was in full swing with the eating and the busyness so I didn’t make any progress regaining my fitness. Settling back into my routine was tough at first but I’m feeling much better for it. Getting my running distance back up. I’ve also been experimenting with standing desk options. Right now my standing desk is a box and varying numbers of books in a stack on the dining room table. When I get the height right I will look for a tidier solution. It’s making a huge difference to my neck and shoulders. I hunch a lot. I’ve got no excuse. Standing makes that pretty much impossible. It’s a bit tough on my hips and knees while my body get’s used to it but overall it’s much better.

We’re ending on a sad note today. My Nannie passed away this week. She was my last surviving grandparent and by far the sweetest. I always joked that she lived so long because she was nicer than the rest. While she was suffering from dementia and had been quite sick for a long time it’s still hard. We have so many lovely memories of her. I think I’ll make her coconut cake and salute one of the kindest women I’ve ever met. Go easy and go well Nannie.

Be kind. Move forwards. Don’t take each other for granted. Look after each other.


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