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My Sourdough

Hello my lovelies! Not a recipe today. A foundation. For the longest time I didn’t feel qualified to write this for you. Because sourdough – for the obsessives – is a constant journey. You don’t just get it right and then declare that you are done. You tweak and tweak and tweak. And sometimes it’s slightly better and sometimes something…

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Christmas Gifts for the Bread Baker

Hello my lovelies! Who knew I’d be handing out advice on gifts. I’m fairly careful to make sure that I clearly signal any food related gifts that I actually want or need. I have been given some terrible cookbooks by well-meaning folks in the past. So this advice is to be used in conjunction with a little snooping or subtle…

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Christmas Cake Part 2 – Decorating Ideas

Hello my lovelies! Ten days to go! The perfect time to get those beautiful cakes you’ve made dressed up for the party. My decorating skills are fairly basic so these ideas are all simple and require no fancy equipment. Bonus. They are based on my childhood Christmas cakes and offer differing amounts if icing coverage depending on your taste. The…

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I make ugly, inedible fails too

Hello my lovelies! There is no recipe today *offended gasp* but we’re gonna talk about something important. One of the most common things I hear from the readers I talk to is that they don’t have much confidence when it comes to baking. I think one of the reasons for this lack of confidence is kinda our fault. It’s so…

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