Turkish Delight Marshmallows

Prep Time : 20 Minutes | Cook Time : 15 Minutes | Total Time : 2 hours | Difficulty : Candy Hello my lovelies! It’s probably about time I admitted that I have a problem. They tell me it’s the first step to recovery but I’m not sure I want to recover. But I shouldn’t hide my marshmallow obsession from…

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Plum, Hibiscus + Rose Jam

 Prep Time : 20 Minutes | Cook Time : 30 Minutes | Total Time : 1 hour | Difficulty : Jammin’ Hello my lovelies! Can’t stay away from jam for long. Especially now I have my new copper jam pan. It is so beautiful. I made it a special spot on display in the kitchen. Sigh. It makes fabulous jam…

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Rosewater + Cardamom Panna Cotta

 Prep Time : 5 + 5 Minutes | Cook Time : 5 Minutes | Total Time : 3 hours | Difficulty : Easy Hello my lovelies! This is another one from the collection of stupidly easy recipes that look fabulous and taste better. I had never made panna cotta before. There was this background sense that it was difficult or…

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