Spiced Finnish Sugar Cookies

Prep Time : 10 + 10 Minutes | Cook Time : 15 Minutes | Total Time : 3 Hours | Difficulty : A Bit Fiddly I may have gone a bit crazy getting some new cookbooks lately and one of my new favourites is Scandinavian Baking by Trine Hahnemann. I have bookmarked so many things and one of the first…

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Ice Creams

No-Churn Baileys Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Prep Time : 10 Minutes | Freeze Time : 8 Hours | Total Time : 8 Hours | Difficulty : So Easy Unsurprisingly I’m an ice cream at any time kind of gal. We have team meetings at work that literally consist of going out for ice cream – going out for coffee is sooo last year dahling. So what…

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Bars and Slices

Fig + Walnut Squares

 Prep Time : 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 25 Minutes | Total Time : 1 hour | Difficulty : Easy Happy Sunday! I can’t believe how quickly my week off has gone! I got a lot of good time in the kitchen experimenting and cooking up things to share with you all – including these crispy on the outside,…

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Lamington Layer Cake

 Prep Time : 15 + 45 Minutes | Cook Time : 45 Minutes | Total Time : 3 hours | Difficulty : Easier than you think Hello my lovelies! How was your week? I’ve been hanging out for the weekend because it means I am on holiday from my day job for a whole week yay! Which means lots of…

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