The WB Life: Holiday Feels


Hello my lovelies! The weather has finally turned around (except that I just jinxed it) and I am settling into holiday mode for the a week or two. It’s been a big long hard year and not in the way that anyone likes… It’s come full circle though and now that I’m embarking on a new chapter, 2017 has a great energy about it. I am reminded often by my head of tasting that I’m right where I’m supposed to be and it feels true now. I have planned the outline of my next year and am ready to kick its ass.

I had been feeling quite overwhelmed with options and work and how much there was to learn and that there was no way I could do any of it well enough or fast enough. As those who have known me a while will attest, I get frustrated when I don’t master things quickly. Like I’m a total dick about it. So lot’s of deep breaths to come. And plans. At the suggestion of by best gal I made a big mind map of everything I wanted to do with my year. Not a spreadsheet. I’m growing as a person..


Golly there are a lot of things. Knowing the shape of it is empowering though. I will focus on three to four main streams and a lot of the rest will fall into place. Book. Youtube show. People. Cooking for others. It’s the start of an empire. Or something.

I now have a little corner in the kitchen-dining area where all my new herbs and my cherry tomatoes live. I’m preeetty proud of them. My tomatoes are just flowering now. Wheeeeee!


This week I am up in the city of the future (Hamilton, NZ). Relaxing and enjoying the countryside.


Working on wood craft projects with my Dad. Baking with my Mum. Napping. Drinking pink wine. It’s a full schedule. My parents are almost self sufficient for fruit and vegetables so it’s always delicious and inspiring to be here. Daily strawberry picking is the best.


Before I left I popped into my old office to drop off some morning tea treats and say hello. I was really glad I did. It was really energising to see everyone and joke around and sneak in a few hugs. I legit miss people that I spent 8 hours a day with for 6 years! The combination of the visit, the improving weather and a trip has given me a lot of energy. It’s been a wonderful December spending time with my H.O.T and really wallowing in the Christmas spirit. He’s very patient.


That’s how we roll. I know 2016 has been difficult for a lot of people. Difficult times at work, earthquakes, floods, personal struggles and political changes. Remember that we have each other and we have ourselves. We’re stronger than we think. This holiday season hug some people you love and treat yourself to simple pleasures.

Hey 2017. BRING IT.

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