The WB Life: Nuts and Bolts

Hello my lovelies! How have your weeks been? It’s been a bit slow around here, mostly because retraining yourself to walk and run properly in your thirties sucks. It’s not just my jokes that are lame. I have a bonus recipe for you today – a better Nutella. I was experimenting and am excited to share it with you. I…

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Bars and Slices

Blueberry Shortcake Crumble Bars

 Prep Time : 10 + 15 Minutes | Cook Time : 45 Minutes | Total Time : 2 hours | Difficulty : Easy We are optimistically pretending that summer still exists. Blueberry and lemon. A bright joyful pairing. Sunny, sweet and satisfying. These shortcake bars are tender, buttery optimism. Apply to face. Who needs a tan anyway. I am still…

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The WB Life: Making Friends

I’ve been out and about a bit this last week. I made a new friend. I helped another friend make delicious pies and cookies. Worked on some recipes. Made some preserves. Had a scare with my plants. Mum saved the day. On Sunday I made a birthday tart for my oldest friend.

Cookies, Snacks

Jazzed up Grahams {Digestives} Two Ways

These Maple + Cranberry Grahams are the perfect low guilt snack. Crispy and a little sweet. 100% wholemeal and low in sugar. Want to reduce sugar in kids lunches but get tears? These Funfetti Grahams will hit the spot.


The WB Life: One Foot in Front of the Other

Hello my lovelies! What a week it’s been. The Raiders lost to the Texans ending their Superbowl hopes. I taught myself a new cookie decorating trick. Went to an art exhibition. I had an expensive and helpful medical appointment. Actual tomatoes are growing. It feels like a miracle. I’m rounding out the week with a movie night with my two…

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The WB Life: A Year of Trees

Hello my lovelies! I am keeping my tree up all year and will redecorate it every month in a seasonally appropriate way. I’m starting a revolution. I’m also jumping in headfirst to plan and write my cookbook. Someone will publish it. While my resolutions for the year haven’t completely taken shape yet I have two goals so far. To swap out as much of the food I eat with home-made and to learn about something new every month.

Yeast Breads

Cardamom + Brown Butter Swirl Loaf

Something warm and spiced and comforting was in order. No reason why it can’t be elegant too. This bread falls squarely into the category of ‘looks really fancy and impressive but isn’t that hard to make’.


Best of 2016

I know 2016 was a bit shit in a lot of ways. But there are bright spots. This post has the top five most popular posts on TWB in 2016 and also some other top fives of my own. I do love a list. It’s good to remind ourselves of the positive and use it as fuel to move forward.


The WB Life: New Year, Slightly Better You

Hello my lovelies! Happy New Year! 2016 has been full of ups and downs for me. A lot of stress. A lot of great experiences. A lot of change. It ended well and that’s what counts. Time to focus on a new year and better things. Make resolutions that we can keep.