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Hello my lovelies! I know 2016 was a bit shit in a lot of ways. But there are bright spots. This post has the top five most popular posts on TWB in 2016 and also some other top fives of my own. I do love a list. It’s good to remind ourselves of the positive and use it as fuel to move forward. Thank you to everyone who has been reading and baking along with me. You’re the absolute best. Let’s get into some of our favourite things!

The most popular recipe for 2016, and still all-time favourite: Lemon Weetbix Slice. The pinnacle of ease and buttery, lemony goodness. I want to make some now. Sigh.

Lemon Slice

In the number 2. spot, No-knead Seeded Wholemeal Bread – I’m really glad that the wholemeal bread is in there. If you haven’t made it and one of your resolutions is to make more bread then start right here. I make this bread nearly every week.

No-Knead Seeded Wholemeal Bread

White Chocolate, Raspberry + Pistachio Blondies,

cut up1

Half + Half Tortillas (I make these all the time too),

Half + Half Tortillas 9

And Chocolate Peppermint Crunch.

Chocolate Peppermint Crunch

Good choices team! A mix of classic and new.

To give us a little boost, here are my top 5 little joys of 2016. In no particular order.. Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Stylist. Pink lipstick really does make everything seem better. Especially when it stays on ALL. DAMN. DAY.


Growing things. I can’t believe how much having some plant babies around cheers me up. It’s so satisfying. Highly recommended. Start simple. Some herbs. Some marigolds. Do it. DOOO IIIIT. On a related note if you are in NZ then go to the Warehouse and get these self-watering pots. Literally the only ones I have ever used that actually self-water. For $10. Life changing.


Cookies on the Christmas tree. They look amazing. You can personalise them. It’s eco-friendly. This year I used cookies to decorate my tree for the first time and now I want to do it every year. PSA: The cookies ain’t that delicious after 4 weeks on the tree.


Aubergines. I always just kinda thought they were way too much work. A childhood spent being told they would be horrible and bitter if you didn’t faff around salting and pressing them made them seem like something only proper vegetarians ate because they had to. The scales have fallen from my eyes.


Picnics. Eating outside makes everything taste good. A cold pie and some strawberries. A sandwich. Pita breads and fillings. Filo parcels filled with yesterday’s leftovers. Picnics feel special. We live a few hundred metres from a botanic garden and now have a Spot. Capital S. No one else has ever been in it. Yet.

Find small joys in the everyday. Then every day will be joyous. Within reason. What have you been finding joy in this last year?

My last mini-list is a few great things that happened globally to lift your spirits. A highly effective vaccine for Ebola has been developed. Suicide rates are down internationally. Giant pandas are no longer endangered. Measles have been eliminated from the Americas. The ozone layer is repairing itself. The last is the most exciting for me. There has been a hole in the ozone layer over our country my entire life. Skin cancer is commonplace as a result. Imagine if we had ozone cover in my lifetime. So awesome.

All of these things happened because of the tireless efforts of people who dedicate their lives and work to helping others and the world we live in. Makes you feel good.

Look after each other.

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