The WB Life: One Foot in Front of the Other


Hello my lovelies! What a week it’s been. The Raiders lost to the Texans ending their Superbowl hopes. I taught myself a new cookie decorating trick. Went to an art exhibition. I had an expensive and helpful medical appointment. Actual tomatoes are growing. It feels like a miracle. I’m rounding out the week with a movie night with my two oldest friends tonight.

My Head of Tasting and I both enjoy the spectacle and drama of American sports. There’s a pageantry to American football that is both absurd and entertaining. We don’t tend to watch regular season games. Just play-offs when the stakes are high. We pick a team and if they get knocked out we pick another to support. On the day of the Superbowl we make fake bets with each other. And snacks. And make a day of it. I had been supporting the Oakland Raiders. How can you not love the team whose fans dress like this?


Previously of LA, they have been mismanaged for years and had been making a comeback. Pure underdog joy. Then the quarterback broke his leg. And now they’re out. Sadface. For now we’ll follow the Packers, but I feel a longer term bond forming with the Raiders. We also love the nonsense that is American advertising. If you watch using the NFL’s own app then you get the ads as well. They’re the gravy.

As you know, my decorating falls squarely into categories like “simple”, “rustic” and “deconstructed”. That last one is a gift for you to use when it fucks up and you need to rebrand it. You’re welcome. This year I am working on my skills. Following this tutorial from Heather at Sprinkle Bakes, I taught myself to marble fondant. The effect is fab. Add a bit of glitter dust and it looks expensive and professional.


I definitely recommend it. It will look great in a pastel finish too using less food colour. Just keep the fondant cold and pop it in the fridge it your kitchen is warm. It will help keep the swirls defined. Next up is piping. I’ll save it for when I have work to do and need to procrastinate. I swear that didn’t happen this week…

One of the best things about being on a different schedule is being able to go to things on weekdays. I caught up with an old colleague and went to the Cindy Sherman exhibition currently on at City Gallery in Wellington. I’m trying to rebuild my reading and brain-improving activities. This was a good start. The clowns are freaky though.

Guys, I’m a wonky donkey. I have been running more lately and having knee pain. Knowing that I’m a bit off-centre I went to the podiatrist. I am hyper-mobile. It means my joints are looser and more flexible but prone to strain injuries. And if you think you run normally, get someone to film you. It’s revelatory. What a munter. Sigh. So I have exercises to do to strengthen my hip joints. And have to practice balancing on one leg. Do you know what’s fun? Balance on one leg. Feeling stable? Now close your eyes. Hah! Good times. I also need orthotics. Which cost less than a hip replacement. Yay. Jokes aside, it’s good to be able to work on making fitness more sustainable and future-proofing my mobility. Grown-up stuff.

Because everyone is as excited about my plant babies. Look TOMATOES are almost here! That is all.


Now that everyone has settled back after Christmas is good to have people around to hang out again. My two oldest friends are coming over tonight for dinner and a movie. Happy camper. One of the things I’d like to do more of is have people over for dinner. One of my favourite things about food is sharing it with others so I need to make an effort to do just that. It also stops me being a tragic shut-in. Bonus.

Look after each other.

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