The WB Life: Optimal Levels of People + Toast


Hello my lovelies! This week I have been experimenting with the optimal level of “people” for work effectiveness, I forgot about redecorating the tree for March, ate a lot of toast and I’m learning about bulbs to get ready for next spring.

Well I know that full time dealing with people is not how I work most effectively. But we have also learned that working on my own full time is not good either. I have been experimenting this week with background people. I have stretches of work to do that don’t involve the kitchen and I sometimes struggle to stay on task at home where there are too many distractions that I can willingly use to procrastinate. I’ve found that heading out to a cafe for a couple of hours is really good for keeping me on track. I am loving Machete in the afternoon. It’s just down the hill and the people are lovely about my lurking.


I am finding that the end of the month comes around much quicker than I think. I get caught up in whatever is going on and have found myself scrambling for this month’s tree. I will get onto it this week. It is my birthday month so I feel like it should be extravagant. I will see what the universe provides.

Last Friday I went to a Creative Mornings session to see Nic and Marie from Good Bitches talk and while they were amazing, natch, a toast breakfast was also provided. Which is important. There was an absolutely delicious banana toast which was essentially banana jam whipped together with butter and slathered on sourdough. I had toast for breakfast all week after that. I also tried to recreate the toast. I did a pretty good job. I will share the banana jam and butter recipes as part of my new series, The WB Larder, which will be up and running this week!


The week was bookended by fabulous toast. My new friend and all around amazingly creative person Lauren started a monthly brunch get together based called Toast&Jam. A bunch of wonderful ladies get together to chat and eat delicious toast creations made by Lauren and we all donate $10 to a food charity which changes each month. This week we ate Avocado, Pickled Daikon + Cucumber with Black Sesame + Nori, Ricotta + Blueberry Jam with Honey +Walnuts. Clearly I would never survive a no-carb diet. We donated to food security in Yemen.


My mother sent me some daffodil bulbs and now I’m quite excited to strip all the weeds out of the planters on our deck (they came with the house) and fill them with bulbs so we will have lovely sunny spring flowers to look forward to after winter. You know if the seasons ever sort themselves out. My tomatoes are almost done so it will be nice to plant something else and see how it goes.

Have a wonderful week. Look after each other.


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