The WB Life: Back in Action

Hello my lovelies! It feels like forever since I chatted with you. After the better part of a week under the weather I’m on my game again. I had a job interview for a great role and have a good feeling about it. We got out to a movie again. I was featured on, I made the traditional easter egg hunt for my snug bug. And we ate a lot of hot cross buns. Oh and I redecorated the tree for April ages ago..

I missed you all this last week. I picked up a nasty cold laid me out. I made a conscious decision to let myself take ‘sick leave’ so I could rest. It’s one of those boundaries that doesn’t exist when you work at home unless you commit to it. I’m glad I took the time out. I was totally useless for recipe testing anyway. When I get sick I lose my sense of taste quite brutally. Over the weekend it has returned completely. I took advantage if it to test chocolate chip cookies. They are the Moby Dick of recipes. I quite like where these have got to. I might post them up soon.

I caught my cold by going into an office building for the first time in six months. It was worth it though. I had an interview for a contract role at Good Bitches. It went really well. Post interview checks are taking place. Fingers are crossed. It would be lovely to work with such fun and generous ladies.

Since our most recent large quake, one of the movie theatres in central Wellington has been out of action while it’s carpark building was demolished. It reopened a few weeks ago. It is the standard but cheap option here. So while it’s not our favourite it makes seeing movies much more affordable. We saw Lego Batman. A fun respite from the rain.

I was also recently featured on a new feed on the site. My sprinkle tutorial was included in the new Sprinkles Feed. You should head over to Feedfeed and check out their curated collections of recipes. I love these little wins. They are very validating. You should also make some sprinkles.

Because I was feeling rubbish Easter snuck up on me. I did prepare the easter egg hunt though. It has become a tradition. Never to old to hunt for easter eggs. I still remember the tragic year as a child when I searched and searched before being told that they weren’t hiding them anymore. Life is hard. Hot cross buns have also featured this weekend. I made some with traditional dried fruit and some with diced apple. I still prefer the classic kind but the apple is a nice variation. Don’t ask how many we’ve eaten..

Because it’s been a while I almost forgot to update you with the April tree. Dressed up for easter with yellow chicks and cookie rabbits decked out with pink bows. Easter-tastic. When I found the little yellow chicks that I remember from childhood I was over the moon. I bought 18 of them. Is there anything Kmart doesn’t have?

I hope you had a wonderful long weekend. Stay warm and dry. Find time for childlike wonder. Look after each other.


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2 thoughts on “The WB Life: Back in Action

  1. Lovely to have you back, and I’m loving that sprinkle feed – your post looks very much at home on there. 🙂

    Well done for actually taking some time off! It must be really hard when you’re working from home and there’s nobody there to say, ‘You’re not well. Go home!’.

    That job sounds spot on! I hope you get it. 🙂

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