The WB Life: Time Flies

Hello my lovelies! It feels like not much of an update this week. The days have zipped by. Always the way when you start something new. I’ve been training and getting stuck in at Good Bitches. While I sit here I can’t think of much else! Just BAU life stuff. I made some pickles that may turn out to be a new WMD. Started experimenting with some truffles. Got into a sourdough groove. Eat, sleep repeat.

I’ve had a great first week working at Good Bitches. A lot of information to take in. But making sense of the information overload is a satisfying part of a new job. It’s feeling really good. The work is manageable and I have more autonomy that in previous roles. It’s exciting realising that you have actually absorbed a tonne of skills and knowledge in the past so you totally got this. I have assessed my ‘workplace’ for health and safety risks. Is ready access to cupcakes a health and safety risk? Probably should be.

I got a super pickle recipe from Nic during one of my training sessions. I thought hot and spicy pickles would be a good idea. So I added chillies, ginger, lime zest and szechuan pepper. Good in theory. I got some chillies from the fruit market. Wasn’t sure what variety they were but how big a deal could it possibly be? Well. It took me a while to work out what they were. Turns out they are pretty hot. I used a restrained amount. The safety of the pickles will be determined in a week or two. If they’re good I’ll share the recipe with y’all.

I am rubbish with chocolate. Which means I am lazy. I don’t bother to temper correctly. And then whine when I try to coat things and end up with bloom. So I am going to be a good girl and practice doing it properly. I made some truffles yesterday that have been chilling. Matcha. Chambord and Lime. Green and pink. Today I will attempt to coat them in dark chocolate. Wish me luck.

Also a sourdough update! I have  settled into a rhythm of making a sourdough loaf twice a week. I eat a lot of carbs. Deal with it. It’s a really satisfying routine. I have worked out a standard loaf that has some wholemeal in it and comes out lovely and holey. At some point I might do a sourdough post for you guys. For a long time I didn’t feel qualified to teach anyone even the basics. Only 50% of my sourdough children made it past infancy. But that’s part of it I guess.

Make some food. Do good work. Look after each other.


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2 thoughts on “The WB Life: Time Flies

  1. I put my starter into semi-retirement yesterday. Half in the fridge, half in the freezer. But I’m ready missing my normal Monday baking. I’m thinking I might make normal freeze-dried yeast wholemeal pittas. 🙂 I’ll see how I go. I am tying to diversify my chilled-out slow activities! I’ve definitely been eating far more carbs than my body feels happy with recently, what with all the baking. 😀 Perhaps I’ll give crochet a go today… although I’m not really sure I’m a crochet kind of person. 😄

    1. Yay pittas! I need to start sewing again – got out of the habit when I had no time – I certainly don’t have the patience for crochet or knitting haha

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