The WB Life: Learning Curve

Hello my lovelies! I’m sorry I missed you last week. My brain was full. Learning new things and meeting new people tired me out. The past two weeks have been a bit of a blur. I’m settling into my new job. I’ve been making lots of pickles. I received my annual feijoa shipment. My April tree is still up. I’m having a patch of being a bit healthier as we head into winter. And this week I’m getting new hair.

I’m starting to find my feet at Good Bitches. There’s a lot to do and not enough hours in the day. I hit a bit of a wall and crashed out last weekend. A lot of energy is expended in the learning phase of a new job. It’s an interesting challenge to make sure I manage my time and energy between my own work and the job and not let it take over my life.

I’m in love with pickles at the moment. I have perfected my peppered pickles which I will share with you this week. And I have been pickling other things as well just to experiment. Most recently rosy pickled radishes. They look too good to eat. But will get gobbled up nonetheless.

Just this week I got my second annual feijoa shipment from my parents. They box them up all wrapped in foam and courier them to me. I have frozen some for future jam purposes. And dried some to see if they are a good snack. They are. I’m sure a cake of some sort will materialise in the near future. Maybe for my GBB bake this week.

I’ve been so busy, with energy focused elsewhere across the change in months that my year round tree is still proudly displaying easter bunnies. May probably won’t get a look in. I’ll do a super job for June to make up for it. June is the time of winter solstice in these parts. Double Christmas really.

As the weather closes in and we settle into patterns of comfort it’s a good time to reset. I’ve put on weight since I left the office and a couple of recent injuries have set back my exercise. A lot of the incidental exercise in my previous daily routines has gone and there’s just too much to taste and eat around here. So I’m taking a few weeks to focus on getting my habits back on track before winter gets in the way.

While I love the pink and blue part of having pink and blue hair, I don’t love the condition of coloured hair. I also don’t love having long hair. My whole adult life I go through long cycles where I gradually think it’s a good idea and ‘how great would it be to have long hair that I can do things with’ and when I get there I get frustrated and cut it off again. So I’ve been growing out my undercut and come Wednesday we will sort this hot mess out.

Have a lovely week everyone. Get moving. Make some pickles. Hug your mum. Look after each other.


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5 thoughts on “The WB Life: Learning Curve

    1. hmmm it’s hard to describe – NZers are the only people that eat them really – they’re quite aromatic – kinda pineappley and kinda floral – they’re a love it or hate it type of thing!

  1. Great post! Good luck with the hair! I always had long hair, probably just because it was the hippy thing to do. (I’m old.). When the greys appeared my daughters convinced me to go to the beauty shop, and they’d do different things to my hair, none of which I liked. But one day the hair stylist grabbed my 4′ of hair and said, “What are you trying to prove?!!” I explained that it wasn’t a contest, it’s just what I was used to, but I cut it short. It’s still long to other people, but short to me. But definitely easier. No more headaches, and hair getting caught in door knobs and people’s belt buckles! I’d have purple short hair if it wouldn’t give my husband a heart attack! I like him too much!!!

    1. You should totally go with the purple! Mine has never been long enough to get caught in things but it sure does shed like crazy!

      1. Once when I was really pissed off at him I gave myself a crewcut, and made it bright orange-red. Of course, my hair is red now, which I know he doesn’t like, but you have to keep them on their toes! I’ll save the purple for if he dies first!

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