The WB Life: Lost + Found

Hello my lovelies! This week I wrestled with a bread. Had an eventful Saturday. Rounded out five years with my snug bug on Sunday.

I am determined to perfect my saffron bread. I usually have no trouble with yeast breads. They’re one of my favourite things. But they do need a particular type of patience and care. It was a good reminder last week that it can’t be rushed. And that you can’t cut corners because you’re busy. I am going to try again soon to get it right. But for now I need a week without breads. I had a sleepless night trying to work out what was wrong. In the morning I was annoyed that I had lost sleep over a bread. But then I realised that what I had really lost sleep over was a work project. I had missed my deadline and wasn’t sure how to get the work done. It’s important that I think of it as work now. It keeps me on track and moving forward. But I also need to manage the same work-related behaviours that I had trouble with in my old job. Not switching off. Thinking myself in circles. At least now I have more flexibility to put aside a task that I am hitting a wall on and switch to something else in the meantime. Like snacks.

In contrast to my less eventful week Saturday was an adventure. I set out shopping with my best gal. I found some excellent warm hats. A new wallet. A cute jacket. We had crepes for lunch. Then we went back to hers to check on her missing cat. It had only been gone since last night. We found it. It had an abscess from a bite from another cat. Kitty is a bit of a fighter. Off to the vet. The heavens opened on the way. The vet was lovely. Kitty was unhappy with us all. But grudgingly grateful. Abscess lanced, antibiotics injected and back home inside 90 minutes. A bit more shopping. The frustrating failed-errand kind. Then home for lasagne, cake and movies. I have never been more glad that I prepped dinner the day before.

Yesterday was my five year anniversary with my snug. It’s flown by. I’m amazed by what he puts up with. And by the things I’ve done that I never thought I could. Like be bad-ass at video games. Lift proper weights. And quit my job to follow my dreams. Thanks babe.

Relax. Be kind to animals. Be grateful. Look after each other.


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