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Not a Recipe: Saffron + Vanilla Bread

Hello my lovelies! This bread. It is delicious but it still has some problems. I’ve made it twice more this week. The first time it still needed a few tweaks. Yesterday I thought I had nailed it. Pictures taken. Post written up. Then I cut into it. And now I’m out of time. I was up in the night trying to figure out what happened. I am 99% sure that it’s all mistakes I made because I was rushing and a bit distracted. But I need to be sure. I always feel guilty when I don’t have recipes ready on time but I don’t want to post recipes that I’m not sure of. It’s not fair or helpful. Especially with breads. The time it takes is an investment and you should be confident that it will turn out beautifully.

I will keep working on it. It will be with you soon. It will be worth the wait. I promise.

Get some fresh air. Eat something delicious. Look after each other.


4 thoughts on “Not a Recipe: Saffron + Vanilla Bread

    1. It’s hard to describe! A bit musky, not really floral but sort of earthy – it’s not like anything else 😀 which isn’t super helpful!

      1. I personally have used it only in sweet baking so far but that’s just because I haven’t got around to trying other dishes – it’s very commonly used in rice based dishes like paella and other savoury things – and I understand that apart from adding colour it also blends well with ingredients rather than swamping them – I need to get experimenting!

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