Life: Running Around

Hello my lovelies! The week has flown by. I crammed all my work into the first half of the week. Then I’ve been hanging out with my parents. The weather cooperated part of the time. And I finished the week on the couch.

You know how when you take time off the work still needs to be done? It’s especially true when you work for yourself. There’s no one to cover you. I took five days of work and smushed them into three and a half. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you put your mind to it.

My parents come to Wellington every year around this time. Bearing gifts as always. Home-grown citrus. Jams. Quince paste. Herb seedlings. I ordered some baguette flipping boards from the “dad’ll make it” workshop. No point importing them from the UK. We always manage to cop some terrible weather part of the time. It came right in the end though.

Our adventures started with scones. I am now competent enough to make them for my mother. I’ve grown as a person. Then moved on to shopping. New dinner sets. I cannot stand chipped plates and numbers were dwindling. I took them to Doppio. Of course. We looked at things. Tried to stay warm. Went to a movie to avoid the worst of the weather. Then the sun came out and we went to Titahi Bay. It was still freezing. But beautiful. And we rounded out with lunch at Chocolate Fish. Beloved favourite. Especially on a sunny day. Three days gone in a flash.

By Sunday I wasn’t up to much. I made an attempt at a run. We had nachos and watched the UFC. I experimented with sourdough baguettes. They weren’t my best effort – I wasn’t focused enough. Next time.

Work hard. Get out in the sunshine when you can. Look after each other.


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