Life: In a Pinch

Hello my lovelies! Spring is definitely around the corner. A lot of the plants and trees around here seem to think it’s already arrived even if it keeps raining. There were a lot of daffodils on my run this morning. And buds on trees. Even my thyme is flowering. This week has been a mixed bag. I spent a day in bed with a cracking headache. I have decided on a new name to go with the new direction of the blog. I struggled with my energy. And I planted some chilli futures.

Let’s start with the bad news and then move on to the better. I had a rough day with a pinched nerve in my neck on Thursday. I made an attempt at working but had to give it up mid-morning and lie down. For the rest of the day. It gave me a major headache that just wouldn’t go away. It took several neck-rubs, painkillers and a sleep to clear it. Evidently there has been a gap in my stretching routine. I’ve added a few extra stretches for my shoulders to keep from seizing up after lifting weights. I am always wary of headaches. My Dad used to get migraines so I worry that I will start getting them. Fingers crossed.

In better news I have been trying work out how to rebrand and rename this blog. I find when I tell people in conversation what it’s called the name is not sticking in their minds. Partly because it’s not a common word nowadays and the spelling doesn’t immediately come to mind. I was thinking about moving to just using my name but it just didn’t sit right. But I had a moment of clarity this week. I was wanting something to reflect the new more bread focused direction. And something that also said a little more about me and where I’m from. So Wellington Bakehouse is just around the corner. It needs a little bit of work before I can roll everything out. Watch this space.

I talked recently about how I had fallen off my low sugar wagon. Well I haven’t made much progress getting back on it. Along with the all too natural easing of routines that comes with a period of feeling better, it put me on my ass this week. I feel (and sound) like a broken record. One day I will just keep doing the things because I know they are why I’m feeling good. Clearly that day hasn’t come yet. I’m still young. There’s time to gain wisdom. Or something like it.

Because it has been feeling spring-y I decided it was time to plant my chilli seeds and see what happens. I had great success growing tomatoes indoors last year so chillies should live. Hope so. I have a big indoor tub that I bought ages ago that I hadn’t used yet. And 80 litres of potting mix that my parents helped me pick up when they were here. I even managed to get everything set up without making a horrendous mess. Now I have five promising seeds sitting under soda-bottle greenhouses. Keeping snug. Go little seeds go! They should be sprouting by the end of this week.

Stretch. Do the things. Grow something. Look after each other.


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3 thoughts on “Life: In a Pinch

  1. Sorry to hear about your headache, no one should have to suffer like that. I can understand why you worry about migraines so you should find some solace in the fact that they seem to be inherited from your mum, not dad. It’s a shame that he suffers from them. Hopefully all your beautiful baked goods help keep them at bay. Speaking of which I really like the new name. Good luck with the rebranding.

    1. Thanks Adele! Thankfully there is often something I can do to help prevent them like doing my stretching better 🙂 He’s much better these days – used to get them more when he was younger – being retired must suit him!

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