LIFE: Bake/Off

Hello my lovelies! I know I’ve been a bit busy and posting fewer recipes than I’d like lately but there’s a good reason. Several months ago I was delighted when one of my favourite brands approached me to work together. I’ve been banging on about Westgold butter for a while so working with a brand that I genuinely already like has been awesome. I created some images for them (like the Tamarillo Tarte Tartin from earlier this week) and we’ve also been working on a super top secret project.

Yesterday we launched the introduction of the Westgold Great Bakers Bake Off. It’s a fun competition series that we’re running in the Westgold Great Bakers Facebook group. Here in NZ we are coming up to the launch of our version of the Great British Bake Off and the group was set up to watch along with GBBO and is full of awesome talented bakers. What better bunch to have their own bake off?

It’s my first foray into video content – which I have been resisting out of abject terror to be honest. I’m pretty proud of how it’s all coming out and it’s taught me a lot of new skills and helped expand my boundaries. It’s been tough but really rewarding. I spent the weeks leading up filming myself every day until I could stop overthinking it. I really need to make sure that film never sees the light of day.. I am so used to presenting my work or my craft as a proxy for myself. I know I can make an awesome thing that people will like and it’s a little buffer between me and the world. This was a big step for me (even if it doesn’t seem like one from the outside).

All my kiwi readers should head to the FB group and join in the fun – there are prizes and glory up for grabs and you might just have fun hanging out with some rad people. Sorry global peeps the comp is only open to NZers…

Be kind ok?

I am super excited to see what everyone is going to bake – its gonna be AWESOME.

Challenge yourself. Make something delicious. Look after each other.