LIFE: Back on Deck

Hello my lovelies! Recipes will be back from next week. I’ve got a collection of awesome stuff up my sleeves to share with you all. It was a good break. I have recovered from my strained jaw. I spent some time at my parents’ making bread and generally lying around. The sun has come out and my plants are getting on famously. I had a haircut. My oven is fixed. And I’m going to JAPAN. Dat’s right. JAPAN.

SO the short story is that after some dental work that went awry and too many, too long trips to the dentist and the stress caused by the whole thing I ended up with a painful strain in my jaw joint and also very unhappy tendons in my face. So I spent the better part of two weeks not really being able to talk for more than a couple of minutes or eat much without my face hurting. Yeah it wasn’t the best. Some R&R has sorted it out though and now I am only bothered by a couple of stitches in my cheek from a biopsy yesterday. I bit my cheek so many times I ended up with a lump. Thank god for medical insurance. To make myself feel better and take advantage of the fact that the greatest hairdresser of all time (Hi Christa) is back in the salon I had a much needed haircut. Life changing.

I spent the better part of a week relaxing at my parent’s place. It’s my very very green childhood home. I lay around mostly. Napped. Baked in their oven since mine was broken. Did I mention that my oven shorted out and because it’s fancy a part had to be ordered so I spent 2 and a half weeks with no oven. It was pretty traumatic. Anyway my parents have a wood fired pizza oven so I spent a day making sourdough and then cooking it very badly in an oven that was too hot. It was a really good batch of dough too. Lovely and pillowy. It ended up a bit carbonised on the outside and a bit under-baked on the inside. Not the best result but a very satisfying way to spend the day. I naturally immediately made a loaf of bread when I got home…

I have been trying to grow more vegetables. Just to learn how and the soothe myself by having plants everywhere. My greens have been going great guns. Pea shoots are highly recommended. You just plant a tray of peas and shear them off when they grow shoots and the just keep going. So delicious. Now that it’s good and warm I have started my tomato and chilli pepper seeds. So exciting.

Oh yeah and I’m going to Japan at the end of November. 8 days mostly in Tokyo. It is so exciting I literally can’t even. We are staying in a hotel that has a BAKERY IN IT. We are going to look at all the things. And eat all the food. And buy all the kit-kats. And take all the pictures. And walk in the parks. And pray at Meiji. SO. MUCH. AWESOME.

Take a break. Add some nature to your life. Look after each other.


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