Life: Dreaming of Jelly

Hello my lovelies! What fickle spring weather we’re having! A beautiful sunny day for wandering yesterday. Steady rain today. This week I’ve been a grinch about Wellington on a Plate. I made a birthday cake for a friend. I’m already sucked back into NBA news. And I’ve actually sent my Father’s Day card on time. Advertisements


The WB Life: A Wee Break

Hello my lovelies! I just got back from a short break visiting my parents. There was sleeping in. A birthday. A bonfire. And lots of green. We are ready for Wrestlemania this afternoon.


The WB Life: Making Changes, and Macarons

Just a quick update this week. Mostly because the end of the week got away on me. I made some good macarons. Then I made some bad ones. I met another wonderful food person. I made a birthday CAKE. Finally. I think I have accepted that I cannot drink alcohol anymore. And I started reading again.