The WB Life: It’s about others, stupid.


Hello my lovelies! I have been out and about talking to some cool people. Having meaningful realisations about the focus of my work. Getting involved in some amazing projects helping out in the community. And there was pie. What a great week.

I was talking last week about how I had become isolated working from home and not making enough of an effort to see people I know and meet people I didn’t. I put a stop to that this week with some really friendly and energising meet ups. On Monday I had a coffee with Clayton of Baron Hasselhoffs Chocolates. It was great to meet someone passionate and creative who also asks some of the questions I’ve had for myself and happily geeked out about flavours with me. It was such a fab way to start a rainy week!

Valentines day is pretty low key around here. I baked some kitschy red velvet cupcakes for my snugbug using some of my experimental home made sprinkles. They are his favourite. And we hung out and were nice to each other like always.


His birthday is the day after Valentine’s so it was a pretty indulgent week. His birthday “cake” was an epic Peanut Butter Caramel + Chocolate Fudge Tart. It was one of those dream recipes that comes out perfect first time. If you make one don’t eat it all at once. You’ll probably have a stroke.


I got my first assignment for Good Bitches Baking. I will be baking today. I am irrationally excited about it. It also made me reassess why I was struggling to find motivation lately. As well as being a bit isolated, I also realised I have spent the last couple of months thinking about myself constantly. About what I get out of everything. About how to boost traffic/followers etc. It not only leads me away from being genuine but it’s pretty energy sucking. I realised I am far more motivated by helping others than helping myself. I’m not sure what that means longer term. I may continue with some of my current plans but refocus them on how I can help or teach others. Move towards classes and video tutorials. It feels like an important step towards working out a path and it will come together. Part of what led me to my realisation was thinking about Valentine’s day and a great episode of Xena (greatest TV show of all time) where a man trapped on a boat by a curse must realise that what is important is his love for others, rather than how loved he is by them. Xena always has the answer. Even if it’s a much needed smack to the head.

On Friday I had a soda with Joe from Six Barrel Soda. It was really interesting hearing their story and learning more about the ins and outs of their business and the different kinds of obstacles different types of food businesses face. It was also valuable to talk through my recent insight and some ideas about combining the things I enjoy and my desire to help others into a coherent whole. I feel like every person I pluck up the courage to reach out to reminds me just how many amazing friendly souls there are in Wellington.

Speaking of friendly souls. I also had lunch with top Bitch Nic Murray. I have known her since the Mystery Box Baking Challenge last year and I wanted to pick her brains about lessons she learnt putting together the Good Bitches Cookbook. I got some great advice about making books, a recommendation for a designer to help me with branding AAAAND involvement in two great causes helping women in NZ. I am hoping to help out The Aunties in Auckland develop recipes for cooking classes they want to teach at women’s refuges, and an exciting new project that the Bitches themselves are working on here in Wellington. I could not be happier. Nic’s cheerfulness and enthusiasm is so infectious. The perfect way to round out the week.

In case anyone has been keeping up – I finally have some cherry tomatoes! A modest harvest to be sure, but so satisfying.


Look after each other xx

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  1. Some helpful insights on motivation and what gives life joy/energy. I’ve been thinking about this kind of thing quite a bit recently – about finding meaningfulness and joy in work/life, and how ‘follow your passions’ has the potential to be self-indulgent and bit blah, balanced with the fact that we are all built differently and flourish in different environments. 💛… just browsing around your site whilst I wait for my bread to autolyse. First loaf. Eeep!

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