The WB Life: Everyday Happiness

Hello my lovelies! I’m finding it hard to think of what to tell you all about this week. It feels like not much happened. I finally redecorated the tree. I have been working more on getting my balance of environments right. I added a new post to the roster. I did some equipment maintenance. After hearing about it from a new friend I started #100HappyDays on Instagram. Well maybe my week wasn’t totally empty after all!

It tool me a while to decide on my March tree and get around to decorating it. I was too distracted by other things and kept putting it off.  I settled on full gold and silver since it’s my birthday month and I was feeling self-indulgent.

I have been experimenting more with doing what work I can outside of the house and it’s really working for me. I am making much better book progress in that environment. It’s helpful to remove the distractions of being at home. I don’t attempt to connect to anyone’s wifi and just work offline. Magic. I have tried a few more places but my favourite is still Machete. Kelburn Cafe is also good and only a few minutes walk away.

You may have noticed that a third post has popped up. I wanted to add more of what I am passionate about so you will see more preserves popping up. I have a big list of things I already want to share that will see me through for a while!

I find doing maintenance on my equipment very satisfying. I think it falls into the same category for me as tidying up. It clears my mind to have an uncluttered environment. And when you fix things up it feels kinda like getting a new thing. I was oiling cutting boards, sharpening knives and refinishing a few frying pans that I had mistreated. *contented sigh*

If you follow on Instagram you will have seen that I have a new sourdough starter going. I have had mixed experience with sourdough in the past. After a string of failures I abandoned it. Now that I am at home and can keep half an eye on it I am trying again. It’s going well so far. I made my first loaf using it on the weekend. It tastes fabulous. Now that the starter is out of the woods I have named it like my others (this probably added to the trauma of losing them). Sito. One of the many names given to Demeter, specifically for her role as guardian of grain. For some reason all the others were male. Hopefully this is more auspicious.

Speaking of Instagram, this week I started #100HappyDays. A lovely new friend that I met through Toast&Jam was telling us about it and I thought it was a great idea. It’s pretty simple, every day for 100 days you post a picture of something that made you happy that day. Today is day 4. Jump on Instagram and follow along. Or join in! It’s important to remind ourselves of the little joys of the everyday.

Remember what makes you happy. Look after each other.


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