Life: Down Time

Hello my lovelies! Little while no see. I’d like to tell you I had an exciting break. But mostly I was sleeping. I did more than a few crosswords. Watched an excellent heart-warming Netflix show. Got a haircut. Went to an art exhibition. Lay in the sun. That’s right there was sun.

I used my break to get a lot of rest. I even made sure there were a couple of days that I had no plans for so I could get up as late as I pleased. I’m an early riser so I struggle to sleep in. But there is joy and relaxation in laying in bed reading. Or crosswording. I have a New York Times crossword subscription. I had been doing them on the iPad but since I have been trying to cut out electronic devices before bed I have been only reading in bed. But this week I discovered that I can print them. I knew there was a reason I bought that printer. So I hit the archives and got a supply ready.

My snug bug told me about a Netflix show I should try since I was after relaxing options. It’s called Samurai Gourmet. And it’s amazing. It’s about a retired man who gains confidence from visions of a samurai and each episode is about a meal he is having. It’s sweet and cheerful and uplifting. After watching a few episodes I had a massive craving for instant ramen. So a few trips were made to the Asian supermarket.

Did I tell you that my hairdresser is leaving? It feels like something I would have mentioned. Anyway she’s leaving for a job working for a colour brand. She will be travelling and teaching colour to salons. So not even changing salons where I could track her down. I went in for one last cut to say goodbye and wrangle my mop. Growing out the undercut is a long road. This cut has removed all the remnants of the lightened hair and it’s such a fun shorter style that blends the lengths together beautifully.

On Saturday I went to see Occulture and the Dark Arts at the City Gallery. It was fascinating and dark. It was a collection of different types of works that are inspired by the occult and in particular tied together by reference or inspiration from Aleister Crowley. Lots of great stories. And a picture made out of the wings of moths. Honestly. It was nice to wander and wonder. I forget to do it and should make time for it.

You guys it was sunny on Saturday. When I got home I lay in the sun. I did a crossword there too. But mostly just soaked up the vitamin D. I even ate dinner outside in the last few rays. With the rain and mist we’ve had lately it was fabulous to be warm and relaxed. It’s sunny again today too so I’m writing outside right now. A bit of a breeze but hopefully it will die down and I can allocate my lunch break to sunny stretches today as well.

Sleep. Watch something uplifting. Look at something that makes you think. Get those rays. Look after each other.


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