A Break To Your Scheduled Programming

Hello my lovelies! I’m taking a little holiday. Don’t panic. It’s only 10 days. I meant to kick off my break on the weekend. But yesterday my brain was melting like so much badly tempered chocolate. So I decided to call it a day. There is cinnamon chocolate chip bread on the horizon. And a lemon cake involving almonds. But right now my brain needs a rest. My usual well of jostling flavours and ideas needs a bit of time to refill and get bubbling again. I just couldn’t pull on it to solve some problems or even decide how to shape a loaf. Definitely time for a break.

Facebook reminded me that three years ago today I published my first post. These Brown Butter + Pistachio Friands. It’s still a great recipe. Obviously I wasn’t up with the play on making sure I always mention when the butter is browned. We’ve come a long way from that cramped kitchen and basic camera. But it’s nice to be reminded that I was always good at the recipe part. I’ve learnt so much since then. Gained and improved so many skills. I finally deep-fried things. Life goals. Thanks for being a part of it you guys. I hope you’ll stick around!

I’ll be back in October. In the meantime Imma pimp my back catalogue on social media…


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