LIFE: In the Wars

Hello my lovelies! Long time no chat. Just as I was getting over my germs I slipped and twisted my knee.I’m also fighting aphids. And my sourdough starter is having a sulk because of the weather. But guess what? 4 weeks to Christmas! So much seasonal joy to be had. There are Christmas recipes coming your way. I have started making my tree decorations. And my snug bug’s advent calendar. I really need to do some menu planning.

My germs are pretty much gone. Super double yay! Working from home is really paying dividends on that front. I went to my doctor to make sure I didn’t have a secondary infection and a lot of people are taking a good month to get over this particular bug. So two weeks is a win. I guess. It was great to get back to class on Saturday. Now that my nerves are over I have a lot of fun. And then I slipped and fell. It’s probably useful to know that I fall down more than the average person. It’s probably a cosmic trade-off for the excellent fine-motor control. Thanks universe. One of my great super powers is saving myself from an even worse fall while in the act of falling. It’s not going to save the world but it’s better than nothing. In this particular instances I was moving too fast out the back and lost my footing. I didn’t realise it at the time but when I woke up the next day my knee was not at it’s best. Nothing serious. Don’t panic. But I am shuffling around the house with it strapped up for the next couple of days. Better safe than sorry.

My god aphids are the worst! I’m pretty sure that now they are in the house I will never be able to get rid of them. My herb collection is in pots in my kitchen window. Every time I spray – with people-safe plant based stuff – I think I am winning. But I’m not. Sigh. In other news of first world problems – my sourdough starter is having a sulk. A starter gets used to the routine you give it. Mine is used to cooler weather and a 24 hour feeding cycle. And the last couple of weeks have been warm and humid and my baby is confused. It is interesting noticing how it has a different flavour at different times of the year. I noticed the same thing with the sourdough we make for class which uses a different starter.

On to the good news. FOUR WEEKS. So much Christmas joy. I am a little behind on this as well because of the germs. But it’s so good to be getting into the fun stuff. My tree theme is origami. My collection paper cranes is growing. I tried to make a dragon. It looks awesome. But it took forever. Every year I make a fancy advent calendar for my snug bug. This year I found a fantastic printable template for mini noodle boxes online so I’ve been dutifully folding and stapling. They look great if you want to try them. I printed them onto light card so they’re easier to cut out. When I’m finished there will definitely be Instagram pics. I have a few different recipes coming your way. Stollen. Lebkuchen. Mince pie variations. I love traditional bakes from different countries and Christmas is an excellent hunting ground. One thing I haven’t done is plan what in earth I’m making for various get-togethers. “Your dinner is a selection of cookies” probably won’t cut it.

Walk carefully. Deck the halls. Bake the cookies. Look after each other.


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