A Break To Your Scheduled Programming

Hello my lovelies! I’m taking a little holiday. Don’t panic. It’s only 10 days. I meant to kick off my break on the weekend. But yesterday my brain was melting like so much badly tempered chocolate. So I decided to call it a day. There is cinnamon chocolate chip bread on the horizon. And a lemon cake involving almonds. But…

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Life: Work + Play

Hello my lovelies! It’s been a busy few weeks. I taught my first class on Saturday. I’ve been rolling out fab new things at GBB. I’ve been working on new recipes and flavours. I found time to see IT. And I need a holiday!


The WB Life: A Wee Break

Hello my lovelies! I just got back from a short break visiting my parents. There was sleeping in. A birthday. A bonfire. And lots of green. We are ready for Wrestlemania this afternoon.