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Hello my lovelies! It’s been a busy few weeks. I taught my first class on Saturday. I’ve been rolling out fab new things at GBB. I’ve been working on new recipes and flavours. I found time to see IT. And I need a holiday!

After sitting in on a class last week I finally helped teach the Sourdough and Jam Doughnut class at Crave cooking school. I wasn’t as upfront stressed about it as I expected to be but an underlying note of anxiety was there. As I mentioned last week I wasn’t worried about knowledge or technique or being asked questions I couldn’t answer but rather the people bit. I’m proud of getting up in front of people and doing something that’s hard for me. It went pretty well. I only made a few unplanned deviations. We kept to time. We answered a tonne of great questions. Everyone was delightful and interested. There weren’t even any fires. I will iron out the kinks as I go. Pretty sure I’m allowed back..

It’s also been a busy time at Good Bitches. Working on things to make life easier for all the Bitches around the country. We had a couple of big roll-outs this month that I am super proud of. It’s been a lot of work but totally worth it. I’ve also been running around working on some flavour combos and some more DIY recipes for you guys. I am perfecting candied ginger this week. Trying to find manageable ways to use lychees. Putting rum in things. Infusing oils. Trying not to bury you all in coconut.

Movies have finally been good again. We had a disappointing run over winter with a lot of movies we were looking forward to turning out to be underwhelming. I’m looking at you Baywatch and Ghost in the Shell, among others. We saw Wind River which was excellent. Remind me never to move to Wyoming. And IT. If you don’t get nightmares from films you should definitely see it. If you have a proper fear of clowns then maybe not. The cast is fab and the feel of Stephen King style small towns is perfect. It’s been great to get out on our classic movie-and-burger dates again. And be able to walk home with clear skies.

This stretch of busyness – and a great chat with my best gal – reminded me I haven’t had a holiday in a while. I know that compared to going to an office I have it pretty sweet. But there is a lot of work-life bleed if you’re not careful. I’m generally pretty good about keeping a balance but sometimes it slips and you get snowed under. I always split out my leave when I was at work so that I would have regular breaks during the year. I’m due for a few days to switch off. At the end of this month I am going to rearrange a few things to get a stretch of days off. We may be a post light in that week. But there’s lots of back-catalogue to enjoy. Let’s be honest I will probably spend a lot of that time trying out recipes. What can I say – I love to do it.

Test yourself. Experiment. Watch a scary clown. Take a break. Look after each other.



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