The WB Life: A New Life


Hello my lovelies! As you all know, my passion lies in creating and sharing deliciousness with all of you. To this end in mid-October I left my job in finance to spend a year working out how to make a life for myself that involved more of this and is happier and more fulfilling. I gave myself a holiday break before getting out and trying new things and old things and seeing what sticks.

It’s god damn terrifying. It’s been weird adjusting to a different schedule and a different level of personal responsibility. I’m so used to having a structure around my day-to-day and week-to-week. There’s a lot to learn and master and choose between and it is alternately exciting and overwhelming.

Did you know whether you are laughing in your social media profile pictures affects whether people think you are knowledgeable on your subject? There’s a lot to learn and while I’m learning it’s hard not to feel the artifice of it obscuring my natural interests and creativity.

I will write more about my journey and what I’m up to as well as sharing my best recipes. You may notice some schedule changes as I try to create a structure for myself week-to-week.

So what’s going on at the moment? Well it’s 3 weeks until the greatest holiday of all time so everything Christmas is in full swing. I went with cookie decorations on the tree this year and it is literally the best. thing. ever. Not only are their adorable edible reindeer prancing around the tree, the living room smells subtly of cookies.


I made my head of tasting an advent calendar with some of his favourite chocolates. I love the concept but the sad excuse for chocolate that is in most of them is too depressing for words. We try not to really do presents so I like to make something sweet and fun.


Just before I left work back in October I had just sprouted some cherry tomato seeds and they were just teeny tiny two-leaved babies. Things took a dark turn when I went to Melbourne for a week and forgot to remind my plant-sitter-in-chief to water. They were so shrivelled I thought they were done for. Look at them now! I am disproportionately excited about the fact that I managed to keep plants alive this long. And they will make food. So awesome.


I am sprouting herb seeds with grand dreams of a potted herb garden on our deck. Look at the cute baby sage!!


I am making terrible videos of recipes. Trying to master the basics of video editing and shooting. It’s a steep curve. I’m also doing some recipe development for the delightful Jax at Libertine Blends, a Wellington based boutique tea company. It’s a very fun and supportive intro into working with brands. If only everyone I deal with in the coming year is as sweet and easy to deal with!

So there’s a lot going on and I hope to share it all with you. Thanks so much for all your support so far – it is the most rewarding thing to hear of people trying and enjoying my recipes so keep letting my know what you’re making and baking!

Look after each other x

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  1. Kearin gorgeous girl you are so missed at the office but I love reading your blog… in doing so Iis you less. Glad you are finding your feet… I’ll be reading xx

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