The WB Life: Reaching out

Hello my lovelies! This week I met a wonderful lady who is going to let me teach some baking classes. I’ve been experimenting with my daily routines. I dipped my toe with Facebook ads. The sourdough experiment continues.

One of the things that people used to ask me when I told them about the blog and such, was whether I was going to teach classes. I always fobbed off the answer. It was an intimidating idea in the early days. It wasn’t social anxiety friendly. This year as I’ve been working through different ideas about how to shape my food-related life I realised that teaching is what I’m trying to do with the blog anyway and I wanted to try teaching in person. This week I had coffee with Lucy Mutch. Lucy is a food photographer, sourdough enthusiast and runs a cooking school and commercial kitchen. Among other things. I wanted to ask her some questions about setting up classes, premises and general advice. And she asked me to try some classes at the school. So next month may be the start of an exciting new adventure.

Lucy is also big into sourdough. We got into a lengthy conversation about our methods and starters. It made me feel less insane for naming my starters. I have been enjoying my sourdough experiments a lot. I tried two variations this week. One with a large proportion of rye. One that was all wheat. It’s fascinating and addicting to notice all the differences in taste and texture resulting from tweaks to the ingredients and method. I’m trying to keep it under control… It’s nice to have something to look after now that my tomatoes have run their course.

I am a morning person. One of the things that I’ve been struggling with is a long morning routine that is pushing the time I start working later into the day. I do my best thinking early and that time has been co-opted. I’ve been trying out different arrangements of working earlier and moving parts of my routine to later in the day. The catch is that moving exercise from first thing in the morning makes it a struggle for me to make myself do it. More testing is needed.

I have given in. Crossed to the dark side. I have started using Facebook ads. I resisted for a long time. I have been resentful of Facebook for it’s deliberate actions to control what followers see. And I have had an internal struggle over crossing the line from hobby to business. Facebook ads are cheap and they give me interesting information about my audience. And it’s quite compelling to watch the ticker showing you the reach and responses. I am interested to see what I learn and if it makes a noticeable impact.

Let go of resentments. Make some bread. Look after each other.


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5 thoughts on “The WB Life: Reaching out

  1. “Let go of resentments. Make some bread. Look after each other” The best kinds of words to live by. My new mantra for this year 🙂 Classes are exciting I hope you love teaching as much as everyone will love learning from you.

  2. I stumbled across your blog looking for posts about making sourdough bread (my currently challenge). I’m currently reading a book called ‘Finding Your Element: How to Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life’ – unashamedly self-help. It’s made me realise that I’m always happiest when I am kitchen cooking. So I recently chatted with my friend who trained to be a chef a few years ago, and it’s really got me thinking about the breadth of food-related jobs out there in the world. I’ll be interested to hear about your experience of teaching some classes.

    1. Also – good luck with your sourdough! I do not feel at all qualified yet to give advice except that it is quite fun and addictive once you get into it

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