Life: Work + Play

Hello my lovelies! It’s been a busy few weeks. I taught my first class on Saturday. I’ve been rolling out fab new things at GBB. I’ve been working on new recipes and flavours. I found time to see IT. And I need a holiday! Advertisements


Life: Bread + Honey

Hello my lovelies! I sat in on a bread class that I will be helping to teach. I’m thinking about balance. I have started working on Christmas recipes. And I found an amazing honey bargain. And the sun is trying to come out today! Go sun go! This cold snap has stalled all the seeds I planted thinking spring was…

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The WB Life: Reaching out

Hello my lovelies! This week I met a wonderful lady who is going to let me teach some baking classes. I’ve been experimenting with my daily routines. I dipped my toe with Facebook ads. The sourdough experiment continues.


The WB Life: Making Changes, and Macarons

Just a quick update this week. Mostly because the end of the week got away on me. I made some good macarons. Then I made some bad ones. I met another wonderful food person. I made a birthday CAKE. Finally. I think I have accepted that I cannot drink alcohol anymore. And I started reading again.