The WB Life: Sugar and Spice

Hello my lovelies! I’m back to full brain and getting blog activities back on track. The weather has definitely turned towards winter. I am moderately addicted to eBay. I am in hair limbo for the next couple of months. I’ve been keeping my sugar down and wondering what it means.

I was talking to you guys last week about how my brain was full of learning. It was pushing out the non-essential. I’ve turned a corner. That information has settled into the nooks and crannies leaving room for thinking. Over the last few weeks I’ve neglected a lot of the peripheral blog activities. My Instagram has been dire. I haven’t been connecting with my fellow bloggers as much as I’d like. And I haven’t been working on my rebranding. It’s time to reframe. I am also back in contact with Crave cooking school about teaching classes. Something which took a backseat with everything else going on. Onwards!

The weather has taken a definite turn. It’s getting cold. I’ve been packing out my freezer with soup. Chicken noodle. The king of soups. For some reason I love to have peanut butter toast with most soups. I have no idea why. My friend Jenn got me so excellent knitted slippers. Life saving.

I got some russian piping tips on eBay after being frustrated with the cost of getting them elsewhere. A lot of things are all kinds of cheap. It’s quite compelling. I have a bit of a rotating cart situation like I used to do with Amazon. Then I used to agonise over the cost. Now I am conflicted about unnecessary buying of things vs. insane cheapness. And also about buying cake decorating equipment while I’m not eating much sugar.

My hair is halfway to glory. Growing out an undercut is hard work. Especially when it’s a whole side of your head. The rest has been cut to an intermediate stage while we wait for that bit to catch up. It shouldn’t take long. Sadly the colour will be gone by the end. It’s frustrating that the maintenance is such a pain. Who knows, one day I will forget and try again. Humans are useless that way.

I also mentioned last week that I am focussing on getting my healthy habits back on track. Exercise and healthy eating. I have been eating much less sugar and am always conflicted when I do. I feel significantly better. More alert and focussed. I can tell when I’m hungry. My energy levels are even. But I am a sugar defender in baking. It is structurally necessary a lot of the time and I am fascinated by the science of it. I have always believed that it is better to make something well and have it less often. But that is hard in practice when you work from home and need to recipe test in a two person household. It raises questions about the long term focus of the blog as well. Do I start reducing sugar in recipes and focus on bakes where this is possible? Do I make fewer sweet recipes and more savoury? Can #bakingitbetter also mean making a better version of things? Can I differentiate myself in a healthier space? Things to think about.

Stay warm. Don’t overthink things. Look after each other.


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5 thoughts on “The WB Life: Sugar and Spice

  1. Humans are sort of useless. I must have had about 125 perms in my adult life. Never learned. Not one turned out well. Good luck with hair, and everything!

  2. That’s exactly one of the reason I put my cooking blog on hiatus whilst I thought about it’s future. I normally only bake for special occasions and I was baking far more. And I could feel the consequences around my middle!

    Mind you, I almost always cut the sugar down in recipes, they’re almost always too sweet for me. But fat!! That’s definitely need to make the recipes work.

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