Life: Little Things

Hello my lovelies! This week just slipped by. Sometimes life as a blogger and freelancer isn’t that exciting. There’s work to be done. Meetings to be held Dinner to be made. Epiphanies don’t come every week. Minutiae will have to do. I bought new jeans. I’m obsessively checking my letterbox. I’m planning a mid-winter scandi feast.

So I have a hate hate relationship with buying pants of all kinds. To the extent that I will wear a pair of jeans until the inside leg is worn through before making myself go shopping. Even when you find a style that appears to be in a standard range when you go back to get another pair they have changed them. There is more and more stretch in them every year. I accept that I sound like a grumpy old person right now. After a zipper tooth came off my back-up pair, I begrudgingly went forth. Ugh.

I ordered some books. Mostly second-hand. And a cast iron grill. It covers two burners and juuuust fits inside the oven. I paid for these things before my jeans broke. Sigh. The courier tracking site is permanently open in another tab. As you do. I am also waiting for a couple of eBay bits and pieces. Obscure ingredients not available here. Moon cake moulds. Excessive amounts of razor blades for slashing dough. Totally normal stuff…

This coming Saturday a few gals are coming over. Because the shortest day is this week we are celebrating with a bit of a solstice situation. Just for fun it’s going to be Ā a vegetarian Scandinavian feast. Lots of fun things to make. Probably no sacrifices to the sun-god though. Don’t want to go overboard.

Appreciate the little things. Make pants last. Look after each other.


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4 thoughts on “Life: Little Things

  1. I had the same jeans issue recently too, they wear out quicker, the sizes change slightly and they’re never as good as the first pair that got you into that brand/range in the first place šŸ˜• Enjoy your feast!

  2. fav jeans , fav baking pan … fav anything .. once u decide u like it /them buy a backup ..(rule does not apply to “snug bugs” ) .. My fav jeans were patched inside leg about 4 times with patches on top of patches… then the knees went thin . then I put Garfiled and Muppet patches on outside… alas then they tore more .. which could have been really embarrassing …
    My fav baking pan is a Chicago Metallic lasagna pan . has 3 single channels … I also use if lots for baking double batches Prune/banana/walnut bread and even lemon syrup loaf … .. I am told they no longer make or stock this in NZ or Aussie…. boo hoo.

    1. Totally! I had a favourite jean and would buy two at a time but they changed them the last time I went back to get more! That sounds like an awesome pan btw šŸ™‚

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