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Christmas Gifts for the Bread Baker

Hello my lovelies! Who knew I’d be handing out advice on gifts. I’m fairly careful to make sure that I clearly signal any food related gifts that I actually want or need. I have been given some terrible cookbooks by well-meaning folks in the past. So this advice is to be used in conjunction with a little snooping or subtle…

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Life: Books + More

Hello my lovelies! This week I went to a book fair. I had a friend over for dinner. I realised I have drifted a bit far back towards sugar. And I added some new babies to my herb collection.


Life: Wild Winter

Hello my lovelies! It’s been pretty wild out there. I’ve been very grateful to be working from home. I’ve replenished my soup supply. I’m planning how to spend a little of my tax refund. And I’ll be hanging out with Zoltan and the crew at Doppio this week.


Life: Happy Solstice

Hello my lovelies! My new books have started arriving. I made a solstice feast of nordic vegetables for some friends. I failed to document any of it. And I’ve been trying to run up hills.


Life: Little Things

Hello my lovelies! This week just slipped by. Sometimes life as a blogger and freelancer isn’t that exciting. There’s work to be done. Meetings to be held Dinner to be made. Epiphanies don’t come every week. Minutiae will have to do. I bought new jeans. I’m obsessively checking my letterbox. I’m planning a mid-winter scandi feast.