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Hello my lovelies! I’ve been out and about eating this week. I finally have a haircut that’s an actual style again. I’ve been adding to my bread tools and knowlege. And I did some planning about how to move things forward.

We eat at home a lot. Duh. It’s easy to lose sight of the fundamentals of why you should go out to eat when you make such great food at home. I know I sound like a wanker. Average restaurants make me frustrated. But awesome places inspire me. Going out is more than just eating food you didn’t make – which is sometimes exactly what you want – it’s about going out and spending time with people. I had two amazing meals this weekend. At a new favourite Mr Go’s. And an old favourite Ombra. I now have a new favourite kombucha and am totally getting into it. And two projects to experiment with – making my own bao and making coconut relish. It also made me realise there are massive holes in the asian coverage of my cookbooks. Something to rectify ASAP. I have found that I really like sharing plates. I want to eat all the things. And it’s a point of difference from eating at home. I’m not going to make seven different dishes for two people at home…

My undercut had finally grown out to a length that could be styled. So now I have an actual haircut. It’s very satisfying. I’m sure pictures will follow. I have a few straggly bits of faded colour left. But now I feel much more comfortable. Have half of two different styles was a pain. And not great for feeling on top of things. It’s strange how my hair is irrationally important to how much it feels like I have things together. Look good, feel better I guess.

I couldn’t help myself. I now have two bread couches on the way. I am still searching for bread tins that I like. But now I have magical heavy linen cloths made of traditional flax coming to help me master baguettes. It hasn’t been pretty so far. I will conquer them. I’ve been reading Hamelman’s Bread more thoroughly lately too. Reinforcing and adding to my scientific foundation. The more I know, the more I can help you guys. In theory.

I had a session with my snug-bug this week refocussing on what my plans are for this little empire. It’s easy to fall into a comfortable pattern without moving forward. Comfortable inertia is a big problem for me. It’s important that I create a structure to help pull myself forward because I’m not naturally restless. So I have a few immediate tasks to help get things moving. Then a round of more in depth consideration and planning of where I want to go with things. I have always been moving away from something else as a goal and now I need to decide what to move towards. It’s going to be fun and terrifying. Like everything.

Eat new foods. Learn things. Think bigger. Look after each other.


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