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Hello my lovelies! This week I went to a book fair. I had a friend over for dinner. I realised I have drifted a bit far back towards sugar. And I added some new babies to my herb collection.

The DCM Book Fair is a Wellington institution. Every year we seem to almost miss it. Some years we actually do miss it. It is both friend and nemesis. As you well know I as fond of a book or two. Or 114. So these days I have to set a budget for myself. Well two really. A dollar budget and a physical volume budget. It all has to fit in one bag and cost less than $20. This year I came home with only THREE books. I was very disciplined. I went looking for a few specific things and didn’t dilly dally. Much. One cookbook. Two books on herbs. One of which is useful. The other (Culpeper’s Herbal) is historically significant and entertaining.

I had one of my favourite ladies over for dinner. I always forget how much I like to make food for others  until I do it again. I should start a regular “come over for dinner” thing. We had risotto. Another thing that I keep forgetting to make. We used to have it all the time but in the last couple of years it’s been overtaken by some new favourites. we also had apple and almond cake. And then talked away several hours. As you do.

In the last couple of weeks my sugar intake has crept back up. With my parents visiting and eating out a lot and a general lack of attention I have ended up feeling the effects. For the first little while it doesn’t seem to have an effect. Then there is clearly a point where I have overstepped. In the last week the slump that comes after  a bit much sugar reappeared. It’s not the best for my brain or my mood. It’s a matter of degree. I just have to get more familiar with where that tolerance level is. It’s a work in progress.

When my parents came they brought gifts. As is customary. I finally repotted my two new herb babies. Some french tarragon. Which you can’t really grow from seed. It is superior in flavour to the russian kind which I had. And some sage. Hopefully it’s not too cold anymore. I have a bog planter box ready to try and grow some chilli peppers. When spring rolls around in earnest I will pop the seeds in and cross my fingers. Given the success of my cherry tomatoes last year I have high hopes!

Read a book. Talk to someone. Grow a thing. Look after each other.


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