Life: Spring has Sprung

Hello my lovelies! The weather has taken a turn for the warmer. My second go at getting new sage and oregano sprouted has been a success. I have a pile of rhubarb to devour. I’ve been roaming round ancient Egypt. And it’s Halloween tomorrow.

For a while there I wasn’t sure what kind of spring we were going to get. We had a couple of very cold snaps and a lot of rain. Not interesting stormy rain. Annoying all-the-time rain. But this last week has been very warm and quite calm. I’ve been able to catch up on my vitamin D. Go for walks in the evenings. We’ve started playing basketball in the evenings again too. We just shoot around. I am so rusty. It’s pathetic. Can’t even shoulder charge properly. I subscribe to a fairly ‘street’ interpretation of what a foul is… It’s great to be comfortably outdoors though.

And my seeds have finally started to sprout because the soil is warmer. I’ve been missing oregano. Fingers crossed it stays nice. It’s probably safe to have another go and growing some chilli peppers! The first time around nothing would come up. It was just too cold and the temperature kept changing too much. Except for parsley. It will still be growing after the apocalypse. There will be parsley and cockroaches forever.

What is also fabulously springtastic is RHUBARB. I got a pile of it at the vege market yesterday. Not gonna lie. I already cooked and ate some. Not on anything. Just ate it. So good. I better use some in a recipe for you asap. I also got a few other delicious signs of spring at the market. Early strawberries. Sugar-snap peas. There were also actually ripe tomatoes. They probably came from Australia. Don’t care. I made some terrible pasta with some delicious roasted vegetable sauce. I need to practice my pasta making. But my snugbug doesn’t really like it so it doesn’t make it onto the menu much. I’ll stick to bread for now.

We’ve been having a great time playing Assassin’s Creed Origins. It’s set in ancient Egypt. It’s utterly gorgeous. And it has accurate recreations of the pyramids. I can’t wait for the pyramids. So exciting. All my favourite games have beautiful environments that I love to hang out in. Especially nice outdoor settings. Witcher 3. Horizon Zero Dawn. Most of the Assassin’s Creed games. It’s like going on a little holiday to somewhere beautiful.

This Halloween we are staying in and watching horror films. We live up a lot of stairs so trick or treaters are rare. We can hunker down and relax. Pizza and a movie. What are y’all up to?

Grow something. Eat rhubarb. Play video games. Look after each other.


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