Life: Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast. People

Hello my lovelies! I’ve been hanging out with people who make bread. I’ve been making bread for others. And later this week I’ll be spending time with the woman who taught me to make bread! It’s taking over my life and I’m cool with it.


Life: Wild Winter

Hello my lovelies! It’s been pretty wild out there. I’ve been very grateful to be working from home. I’ve replenished my soup supply. I’m planning how to spend a little of my tax refund. And I’ll be hanging out with Zoltan and the crew at Doppio this week.


Life: Out + About

Hello my lovelies! I’ve been out and about eating this week. I finally have a haircut that’s an actual style again. I’ve been adding to my bread tools and knowlege. And I did some planning about how to move things forward.


Life: Dough + Beans

Hello my lovelies! I’ve been hunting for perfect bread tins. I almost had a lurgy but dodged it. I found an amazing new bakery nearby. And I am experimenting with homemade versions of my new favourite snack.


Life: Happy Solstice

Hello my lovelies! My new books have started arriving. I made a solstice feast of nordic vegetables for some friends. I failed to document any of it. And I’ve been trying to run up hills.


Life: Little Things

Hello my lovelies! This week just slipped by. Sometimes life as a blogger and freelancer isn’t that exciting. There’s work to be done. Meetings to be held Dinner to be made. Epiphanies don’t come every week. Minutiae will have to do. I bought new jeans. I’m obsessively checking my letterbox. I’m planning a mid-winter scandi feast.


Life: Bye bye baby

Hello my lovelies! I fell off my low-ish sugar wagon this week. And learned from it. I have been perfecting my kugelhupf. I used baker’s ammonia for the first time. I have been working on breads. Sourdough and otherwise. I’m going cross-eyed looking at fonts. And I got my first paycheck since leaving my full time job.


Life: Bread, Bread, Cake.

Hello my lovelies! It’s getting harder to get out of bed lately. Cold rain and grey skies. My body is protesting the health I’m laying on it. Things are looking up though. I was approved for ads. I nailed a recipe from a very old cookbook. My sourdoughs are going from strength to strength.


The WB Life: Lost + Found

Hello my lovelies! This week I wrestled with a bread. Had an eventful Saturday. Rounded out five years with my snug bug on Sunday.

Life, Yeast Breads

Not a Recipe: Saffron + Vanilla Bread

Hello my lovelies! This bread. It is delicious but it still has some problems. I’ve made it twice more this week. The first time it still needed a few tweaks. Yesterday I thought I had nailed it. Pictures taken. Post written up. Then I cut into it. And now I’m out of time. I was up in the night trying…

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